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Name: Koki
From: Wild Kratts
Appearance: Dark-skinned and brown eyes. Typically wears a pink shirt with a star in the middle, yellow pants, sneakers, and has a pearl and two white hoop earrings on each ear. Her hair is dark, is in an afro, and she wears an orange headband.
Age: Adult, most likely around the early 20's
Gender: Female
Personality: When it comes to computers, Koki is the girl to go to. She enjoys technology and working on programming for her computer. She is an expert of computers and technological programming, having developed her own communication lines and security systems. She could most likely hack into something with ease, as well as find and get rid of a virus in record time. So when ti com,es to a computer, expect Koki to be near it.

Koki is often friendly and out-going, always happy to do her work when she she is needed. But she also possesses a good amount of sasiness and is unafraid to talk back to anyone who annoys her. She's also rather snarky and likes to think logically. She can get easily grossed out and doesn't like things that eat bugs or garbage. She often works behind the scenes, but that doesn't mean that she isn't afraid to get into the action if she is required to. She doesn't get angry easily, but when she does, it is best to back away from her.

Koki's talents include programming, welding, and maintenance. She often keeps a level-head and is often the only sane man... err, woman of the Tortuga gang. Even in the worst of situations, Koki will often keep a level-head and figure out what;s going on and what needs to be done. No matter what the problem is, Koki will be on it.

Backstory: Koki grew up in a normal neighborhood. Since young, Koki had an interest with computers and by the time of high school, she was capable of developing her own security programming. Upon entering college for her Technical Engineering degree, Koki became roommates with Aviva and it wasn't long before the two became best friends due to similar interests. When nearing graduation, Aviva told her of her plans to create the Creature Power Suits and the Tortuga. She asked Koki to help her develop the programming and do maintenance for the Tortuga. Despite some hesitation, Koki agreed to help her. Around the same time, Koki met Aviva's classmate Jimmy-Z, who she picked to be the Tortuga's pilot/teleport master.

After over 11 months, the Tortuga and the prototype Creature Power Suits was completed. Not long after, the three met the Kratt Brothers, who agreed to test Aviva's suits. So far, the five have had many adventures and have learned a great deal on various creatures. Koki works as the communicator between the tema and the Bros and is in charge of maintaining the Tortuga.  Although she has found the Kratt Bros to be somewhat insane, Koki enjoys her job and seeing the world. She has also learned to love animals, even if they make her want to throw up.

Moral Standing: Neutral Good

Dreams: To survive living with the Kratt Bros

Fears: Anything gross or dead, Bats

Extra: Koki is a fictional character of the Wild Kratts universe, and I feel that she is therefore a good candidate for Ink City, Within the city, Koki will often have her Creature Pod, a smartphone-like device which contains load sof info on animals, allows for communication, video recording, picture taking, medical scans, and various other features. She would also most likely have some kind of technical pad with her to work on more advanced technological works that the Creature Pod otherwise could not do.

Character Location: The Tortuga
Samples: From hating bats to loving them, rotten meat is gross, remain calm and escape the charging Rhinos
Writing Samples: dear_mun post, Stuck on an elevator


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